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Climate Change is the greatest challenge of our generation & we all have a role to play!

We know it effects us all and we as individuals play an important role

but the major question is, where to start?



Understanding our role in the fight against climate change.

Every single one of us has a direct impact on the environment, based on our day to day consumption choices, by choosing what we eat, how we travel and live our lives. 

Our biggest challenge is to understand our personal impact, in order to drive a positive change, fight climate change and prevent environmental decay.

Our world is changing and every one of us has the power to make a positive change. We just need to understand how.




Knowing our consumption habits and making smarter decisions.

Our bank account tells a story about our consumption behavior. This story reveals a lot of information about our personal impact.


Connecting publicly available data with personal payment data empowers us as consumers to understand the social and environmental impact of our purchases – and make smarter choices. On a daily basis. With every transaction. Fully integrated into our daily lives.


We have set ourselves the task of educating consumers about their individual impact on the environment. Our overall goal is to make consumers aware of their consumption behaviour and the ecological and environmental consequences.


We have build a global standard for financial institutes to calculate our individual footprint based on our purchase transactions. In addition we provide an open platform to aggregate world wide studies and content to guide and educate consumers on their impact.




Our goal is to establish an agreed upon industry standard for the financial industry to calculate individual carbon emissions based on purchase transactions.


We are therefore inviting the scientific community, public institutions, NGOs and the private sector to partner up with us and help establish a mutual rule set. Our drivers are the UN Sustainable Development Goals.



We are building an open platform that analyses payment and retail transactions and supplements them with various information about the purchase and product, as well as environmental data.


Different machine learning algorithms categorise and analyse the information. The platform will be open and will invite banking/payment providers to integrate via an API.



Learning is an integral part of life. Learning helps us understand. Above all, learning helps us to improve. It is therefore also our goal to educate consumers about their impact, show them ways to improve from an environmental perspective and guide them to a better spending behavior.

We collect thousands of tips, tricks, hints and background information around our spending behaviour to help consumer understand their individual impact. 



Our standard is open to use for everyone, this includes our collection of carbon studies, tips, tricks and hints. Together with our community we are constantly updating our standard and content around it. 

To make sure everyone applies the standard correctly and the scientific community is able to rely on the data, we help financial institutes to audit their implementation and provide a certification model to make sure consumers, scientists and the financial institute uses the correct data. 


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We want to engage everyone


Are you a public institution, a Financial instituTion, a scientific entity, civic community, Student or just interested in the topic? 


We all have a role to play

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