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About us

What exactly does our organisation do?

We have set ourselves the task of educating consumers about the production of products of all kinds, their supply chains and the resulting social and ecological conditions. Our overall goal is to make consumers buy more carefully and to become aware of the consequences of cheaply manufactured products. At the same time, we would like to inform consumers about the fact that, in most cases, the smallest product donation to the relief organization specialized in this area will not make the product more sustainable, but it can ensure that the manufacturing damage can be compensated for. At the same time, we provide a donation platform with our network of aid organizations, which can be directly donated.

How do we do that?

If you want to live a long-term life, you still have to change your life massively and forgo certain things. Although it should be a matter of course, there are still far too few products that are produced in an environmentally neutral and sustainable way. So what can we do as a consumer to change this?


We have also asked ourselves this question and developed a system that can determine the negative impact on the environment by means of electronic payment transactions – that is, it is possible to determine a donation sum on the basis of the consumer behavior of each individual and to determine one or more suitable charitable organization The damage caused by a targeted donation.


How exactly does the system work?

… and what does this have to do with machine learning?

We analyse financial transactions and supplement them with different data on the dealer and the purchase. Different machine learning algorithms categorise and search through the information, comparing it with sustainability indices and public information in order to finally determine the transaction’s effect on the environment.

Ah ok, and what does that mean exactly?

Example: Let us assume that you have bought a t-shirt at a cheap discounter for just 10.00 €. You will receive an alert on your smartphone right after your purchase. This will describe the purchase and explain the production process of the t-shirt, the environmental effects resulting from the chemicals in the t-shirt, if the t-shirt was most likely produced through child labour, if the cotton is cultivated by peasants who are still using pesticides that have completely contaminated ground water in their region etc. At the same time, a calculation is performed showing that by donating approx. 1.50 € to organisations that strive to ensure children of nearby families and cotton farmers get appropriate school education, or another organisation that deals with the treatment of drinking water, you can contribute towards “compensating” for the damage caused by the production of your t-shirt.

The donations are debited right away, and the t-shirt costs you 11.50 € instead of 10.00 € but is now “environmentally friendly”. The advantage is obvious: The consumer is enlightened and has a chance to make the purchase “environmentally friendly” without having to change the complex supply chains and production processes. It goes without saying that these manufacturing processes and supply chains have to be changed in the long term, but the mere clarification and possibility to play a part through targeted donations is the first and, most importantly, concrete step in the right direction!