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We are always looking for volunteers to help maintain and add contacts to our organisations, improve our algorithms, or help us communicate with our customers. If you are good at dealing with people, have a good understanding of technology, or are good at communication and PR, we would be very pleased if you contacted us immediately. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be good in all areas, a single field will do. 😉

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Do you work for a bank or financial institution?

Great! Simply contact us if you like our concept and if you believe that you can/would like to also offer the donation function to your customers!

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Do you work for a merchant?

Are you intrigued by the topic of sustainability and find our idea to be great? Just get in touch with us, we have a few ideas on how we could work together!

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For a good reason and a good idea you have a few cent / Euro / BTC or ETHs spare? Great, because we have a wallet that us grateful for any donation. Of course you will receive a tax declaration!

The donations are being used to further develop the algorithm and to build up the partnerships. Each cent which remains will be equally distributed to the partner-organizations.
Your money will therefore be spend entirely for sustainable and nonprofit use!

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