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How exactly does this work?

Unsere schöne Welt in einer technischen Darstellung

Wir sorgen dafür, dass Ihr Einkauf nachhaltig wird.


Sie gehen ganz normal mit Ihrer EC-, Kredit- oder Giro-Karte einkaufen.

We have developed a system that can determine the negative effect on the environment through electronic payment transactions. To do this, we take the original payment transaction and add more information about the dealer and the purchase. This addition of information is based on a system of xWare42 Ltd., which we have supplemented with further information regarding sustainability. For example, we resort to different sustainability indices and can use this new information to determine which environmental influences have played a role in the transaction as well as statistically determine the sustainability. At the same time, our system uses different scientific methods to calculate a donation amount that can be used appropriately in this regard – i.e. that can be used to correct the environmental influences resulting from the purchase.

The system not only calculates the damage and donation amount but also searches for one or more partner organisations who can use this donation meaningfully and hence ensure a sustainable purchase. If you are pleased with this idea and the donation amount, you can inform us with a single click on our system and we will ensure that your donation is received by the selected organisations!

Where is the algorithm used?

We license the algorithm to banks and other financial institutes, while we also develop financial products with different bank and partners. The first joint product will be a Maestro Card, which will have the algorithm completely implemented, which already enables the sustainable purchase.

Earning from the license fees of the algorithm donations / are going to be invested exclusively in the nonprofit sustainable research projects.