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The Karma Card

The first card with which you can shop sustainably!

The Karma Card is a Prepaid Maestro® card that is issued in cooperation with a href=”https://www.xWare42.com”>xWare42 Ltd and 0x2b Financial Ltd. Originally launched as a proof of concept, it quickly became apparent that we wanted to make this card accessible to everyone. The advantages are obvious: everyone can test our algorithm immediately and the card is available for everyone thanks to the prepaid function (no credit investigation etc.).

The card will be enhanced to include more functions in the coming months. Currently, one can even set X percent of the sales to be donated directly to the respective organisations. In the coming weeks and months, the whole thing will be supplemented with our mobile app to allow for the entire information on transactions and the respective organisations to be available on your phone immediately after the purchase. In addition, this will also enable you to decide whether you want to donate after a transaction.

0x2b Financial would like to resolve the “prepaid” issue in cooperation with our partners from the Universum Group. This means that the card will soon be linked directly to your Giro account and pre-charging will no longer be necessary.

We also have many more exciting features in plan, but we don’t want to reveal everything at this point.

Furthermore, the card will be available in more versions and designs, with a special edition made of sustainable metal. Get ready to be amazed!

The card is expected to be available from early October 2017.

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