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We are only as good as our team …

Our team consists of unique people with a common goal – making our world more sustainable. We have data analysts, bank/financial IT specialists, lawyers, mathematicians, marketing/PR specialists, and experienced entrepreneurs, all of whom have established several companies in software and firmware development as well as finance – the most diverse of teams. We all share the enthusiasm and passion to finally work on something independently and not have to go through the typical politics.

If you share our vision and are finally looking to do something towards making our world more sustainable, write to us. We look forward to welcoming you to our team!

Christina Lindgen

Managing Director & Founder

Christina is a true all-rounder and, much to the suffering of the usual team members, never forgets. She always has an overview of everything. She came in contact with the topic of sustainability during her studies in Freiburg – the Eldorado of the eco-philistines 😉 She has an amazing heart and is unsurpassable in networking.
Before becoming a founder, Christina had worked for many years for two companies that specialise in issuance of prepaid credit cards among other fields. Her tasks included setting up customer support as well as coordinating partner management.

At OfnK, Christina oversees all operational tasks of the organisation.

David Lais

Managing Director & Founder

David is a technical enthusiast, serial founder, and the nerd in our midst. His companies specialise in the field of cashless payment transactions, and he has already won several innovation awards in this area. The idea of the OfnK algorithm came to him while intensively dealing with the topic of sustainability and after he realised that it is too complicated to live sustainably. Considering that he is rather one of those people who love their comfort, he undertook to find a solution and came up with the idea. He was so captivated by the topic and the idea that he simply had to establish OfnK.


Feel Good Manager

Keks is a true whirlwind and always ensures a good mood within the team.

We are looking for you!

We are only as good as our team…

Whether as a volunteer, donor, or even if you just want to submit your feedback or criticism. Write to us, we look forward to hearing from you!

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