Why do we need an open standard?



Globally we have a lot of studies on the individual impact of consumers, different industries and their impact on the climate. A lot of those studies need to take country specific economic data into account, which make them very difficult to compare to different countries. In addition many studies rely on aggregated numbers and do not focus in detail on the spending behaviour of individual consumers, simple because there are not enough open data available. 


With our standard we want to provide:

  • A framework for countries to apply their own economically data to make sure the consumer spending behaviour actually reflects the individual impact.

  • Show gaps in data sets where we need globally more information and studies on certain industries to fully understand and calculate our impact.

  • Public data for scientists to build better models and studies around certain industries and the consumer impact.

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Thanks to our unique partnership with N3XTCODER we have been able to provide the first complete country framework for Germany as part of the #FinTech4Impact Challenge. In addition we have published the data for the United Kingdom and France.

We are about to finalize the Spain, Australia, the Netherlands & Denmark and looking for partners in those countries.

We welcome anyone to join us on the journey to enable the framework globally.

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